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So, how's my driving?

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Aug. 8th, 2012 02:30 am
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because i like to collect them

gifs gifs gifs )

06 [voice]

Feb. 19th, 2011 08:59 am
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LISTEN UP, PEOPLE OF DISCEDO. I got an idea. A really good one.

Are there any sports teams here? Seriously, if only we'd had one when that one nation invaded or whatever! We could've just beat them in a game of baseball instead of everyone dying like that. Sports could solve all the problems, even if some of you do like to settle things the hard way...

So~~~ Is there a basketball team here in the works? Baseball? Rugby? Tennis? Boxing? Golf? Roller hockey? Volleyball? Weightlifting? American football? CRICKET? And if there aren't any, THEN MAKE ONE!! I'm pretty much good at all of them, so it doesn't really matter to me.

[Conveniantly forgetting the one he actually is good at, ahem.]
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[the all too familiar sound of a ZZZZZZZZTT and then a sharp crack as the communicator hits the wall.]


[WHAM. And the sound of the device getting the absolute shit beat out of it.] —cking— [not that it really matters all too much, considering it's a completely insentient thing.] —thing!! [and in actuality, he really just ended up hurting his fist more than anything.

finished with that, it's thrown across the room once more for good measure, before being picked up.



does ne1 have any bleach

and earplugs. i need earplugs
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[lo and behold, an utterly panicked voice coming through the communicator. loudly. and surprisingly stressed, which shouldn't be all too uncommon to hear in a place like this, but in any case:] ArrrRRGGH!! Crap, I'm dying! IT'S A GIANT BLUE PUNI!!! I can't feel my legs—!!

Quick, someone help me!! It can't be a guy though, because only girly attacks will work against it! So... hurry!

[Click. It goes off. The silence only lasts for about five seconds though, before it's turned back on again.]

— Also, I'm in the high school's band room!

[...okay. NOW clicking the audio off for real.]

[text] locked wishlist to scientists )
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I died a few weeks ago! It kinda sucked, though then again I didn't really feel anything and I just came back, so I guess it didn't after all. But!! That DOES mean you can drink the water now. I would've said that earlier but I forgot, cuz I got more important things to do than look after everyone, y'know? Right.

A~ny~way~ I translated this chart I found! It only took me two days in total to do it!

[he turns video on, and lo and behold: he's holding a chart. One that has been translated into mostly illegible Japanese. He's obviously proud of it, though, as he flashes a grin and holds it up to the screen for a moment. Then back to voice:]

Amazing, right?! It's called "western zodiac"! It's where you look-up your birthday and it'll tell your personality traits and stuff. Since I'm born February 17th, I'm an Aquarius~. They go really good with mostly all girls, unless the girls are ugly brutes... but then that means NO ONE gets along with them anyway.

[...] So~ Are there any Gemini or Libras here? [y'know. despite his sign supposedly getting along with everyone ever--] If you don't know if you are, then I'll tell you!
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[Hello, Discedo! Enjoying your peace? Well, hope you hadn't gotten too used to it yet, at least. The video's clicked on to show Sunohara pointing dramatically, looking otherwise completely serious; the feed itself shaking slightly.]


━I know this because it told me so! [More pointing!] It's like a "bad trip"! You won't see anymore talking cats, or girls that can fight riding giant chickens, or have anymore shrimp trying to fight you! Don't eat the food either, because it's in there too!...

[He sways slightly, but keeps it up.]

Once the hallucinations stop, the exit appears! It's when you have to defeat all the ugly gang enemies for the next door to be unlocked, so you can go on to save your damsel-chan. I'd always win those games, so this is no wonder! And... if anymore of your stupid hallucinations try to lie to me, I wo━

[A pause. He wavers again.]

Heh... No wonder.. that freaking guy told me that... 'Ch! You're lucky I told you for free. I'll make sure to━...


[Thwump. He falls over; the communicator going with him and the feed shutting off.]

(ooc: responses will be icly delayed by about five minutes.)

01 [voice]

Sep. 28th, 2010 12:39 pm
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"Use me," huh? Use you?! You don't even come with an instruction manual‼ If this is a kidnapping, I'm telling you you've got the wrong person! I also have, y'know, STUFF to go back to?! Cute Nagisa-chan is waiting for me, and Okazaki, and I don't really want to think about Kyou-chan but ━ I've got nothing to offer you, n-o-t-hhhh

[a beat.]

━heeeeeeeeeahhhhhh‼ Is this death?! AM I DEAD?! Crap, I didn't even get to repent! To think I was maybe considering forgiving you━!! But now I gotta kick your ass too?!
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Name: Alep
LJ: [ profile] prillid
E-Mail: fahcal [at] yahoo [dot] com
IM: alte rgenetix
Characters played at Discedo: [ profile] whiteduplicity & [ profile] virtualmenace

Character's Name: Youhei Sunohara (春原 陽平)
Series: Clannad
Timeline: End of episode eighteen of season one.
Canon Resource Link: Here, here, and here.

Sunohara's main purpose is to be a foil. That is, he's meant to bring out all the good traits of the main character by having having his own bad traits pushed to the front. And with this, fills the other role with flying colors: he's brash, obnoxious, foul-mouthed, lecherous, cocky, and shameless. He's hot-headed and is quick to throw a punch. His mood will change at a drop of a hat. He's lazy, and through this: a failure. But he knows he's a failure, he knows he's an idiot, and he knows that ever since his life went downhill upon entering highschool, that his family is disappointed with him. In addition to all this, he's the comic-relief. Thing is? He doesn't appear to care all too much.

Delinquency was hit-upon almost as soon as he entered freshmen year. Having one's dreams crushed and being banned from doing one of the few activities one really excels at, and loves, tends to do that. This is what brought upon his laziness and him becoming highly unmotivated to succeed in much of anything else. Hell, he's a straight D and F student. Not that he was ever very smart to begin with (often being quoted as "too dumb to live," when concerning comedic situations), but in the end simply refuses to do much of any good as far as the academic career goes. To him, resorting to violence is the easiest way to solve things; or rather, the easiest way out of things. Solving problems through peaceful measures (read: talking) isn't his forte. He'll take out his anger on objects around him. As aforementioned, he's quick to pick a fight and won't back down. It's safe to say that most harm that befalls him is well-earned. The biggest trigger-button would perhaps be when others use their handicaps to gain sympathy and get ahead, or tear down someone's dreams to see their own fulfilled. It's personal, really.

As well as being a downright idiot at times, he's pretty much as gullible as they come. Whether this comes from a huge trust trust with most of his friends, or that he's just really that stupid, can be up for debate. He'll say what's on his mind without a second thought as to the consequences. The schemes he comes up with are ludicrous; his logic is more than flawed. Whether it be from lewd fantasies to completely absurd situations; it comes with some creativity, and occasionally there is put-upon thought to things. He can be manipulative, feeling little remorse in return, to make sure he gets what he wants out of things. He also seems to get a kick out of picking-on those obviously weaker than him, as contrary to his past experiences. Apparently learning from mistakes is a skill he has yet to pick up on.

Without the pride he takes in his appearance and athletic-skills, he's actually embarrassed to be complimented upfront about certain things. Certain things being his personality, intelligence, or things he's created. It's also a little awkward when someone actually agrees with him and potential absurdity, though he still loves to hear any and all praise. Though he already knows his failings and doesn't need to be reminded of them, he'll only weakly deny them at times; and isn't prideful enough to refuse advice when it comes to such. If "improvement" is easy enough to achieve and isn't too far out of his way... sure, why the hell not? That said though, there's not much that isn't.

Despite all his numerous and many shortcomings, he's a kind person deep-down. He sticks up for what he believes in and for his friends, and is sociable enough to actually keep them. For this, he plays a prominent role in many characters' paths. Make his sister cry and you're in for a world of pain. He's the trustworthy and loyal type that wouldn't betray a friend, much less see them come to (unless he's the one inflicting it, that is) harm. If seriously (romantically) involved with a girl, he sees that their happiness should come first and feels the need to play the role of "protector" in addition to it. He's less an outright pervert and more a (god forbid) good boyfriend. He's calm and serious when the time calls for it, but actually giving sound-advice appears to physically wears him out. But the fact is: he's capable of it.

What your character can offer: Soccer, lechery, straightforwardness, and big-bro instincts!
What items will they be bringing with them? The clothes he has on him.

Third-Person Sample:

The voice was shrill, ear-splittingly loud, and interrupted his sleep. Worst of all? It was Kyou.. Okay, maybe it could have been worse-- it could have been Tomoyo. That would have been something he'd gladly jump out the nearest window to avoid. Still, any of the factors didn't really make the situation very.. pleasant. Definitely not the type of "pleasant" he'd prefer to have with a girl, anyway.

Sunohara jolted from his slumber, nearly tumbling out of his chair. Eyes slowly focused onto the girl now standing in front of his desk, looking significantly more infuriated than usual. Not that he could blame her, really. This was the fifth time in five days he'd done what she'd asked him not to -- fall asleep during class. (Ah, but good ol' Fridays. The last day he'd have to deal with this shit.) It shouldn't have been as difficult as it was to follow directions, but it was. He rubbed sleep from his eyes, groggy, and perhaps a little insolently, if he could think that far ahead into purposely pissing someone off. No, it really just came naturally.

She rapped a ruler on his exposed knuckle, hard. He recoiled, began to rub the affronted area in a melodramatic fashion.

"This is the twenty-third time I've told you!" She yelled, looking more frustrated than ever. "My sister-- I'm going to maim you--" Yet, he could only think, she wasn't even his class representative. That was her younger, much more cuter sister. Much more cuter. .. In personality, at least. But for a moment, he was surprised she was even able to keep track. She must be lying, anyway.

"This is only the third," he corrected, smug. His eyebrows even rose and his mouth curled into his a smile, giving her a 'oh-you-so-stupid' look.

She looked ready to burst. And her response came through gritted teeth,

"No, it's the twenty-third." Clearly, she was just barely resisting punching him through a wall.

"Nuh-uhhhh~" Singsong. "Second. In this period, it's only the second time you've told me! It's cuz the other ones don't count for it, or else you gotta remind me the right period." Nevermind it being the third or whatever. Plus, three strikes, right? That was how things worked in baseball.

Unfortunately, Kyou didn't agree. And this time, when she hit him-- he actually did tumble from his seat.

First-Person Sample:

"Use me," huh? Use you?! You don't even come with an instruction manual‼ If this is a kidnapping, I'm telling you you've got the wrong person! I also have, y'know, STUFF to go back to?! Cute Nagisa-chan is waiting for me, and maybe Okazaki, and I don't really want to think about Kyou-chan but ━ I've got nothing to offer you, n-o-t-hhhh

[a beat.]

━heeeeeeeeeahhhhhh‼ Is this death?! AM I DEAD?! Crap, I didn't even get to repent! To think I was maybe considering forgiving you ━ but now I gotta kick your ass too?!


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